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High density Foam Cushions for Sofas and Chairs
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High Density Foam

High Density Foam seat cushions for sofas foam for chairs foam for campers


High Density Foam

High Density Reflex foam is the best foam for seat cushions as it is a luxury foam that is far superior to standard low density and latex moulded foams in the vast majority of retail furniture.

Reflex comes in a Soft Pink and Grey Medium density foam which is the most popular with our clients.

All our foams come with a thick 9 oz Dacron fibre wadding wrap and Stockinette Free of charge and are Flame Retardant

We also fit your new cushions in your case

Which if you have tried before is a job in itself 


"Benefits of High Density Foam"

  Retain Shape Longer

  Continue to Bounce Back

  Hold your Bone Structure

  Support your Weight

   Help with Back Ache

Lasts 5 -10 Years



For Back Cushions we use Blown Fibre a bit like
rolled fibre but makes these cushions nice and soft softer and more cost effective than feather.

The shredded fibre inside gives you a feather like feel feel for a fraction of the cost
This Blown Fibre will give some durability
and is used mainly for backs as an alternative to feather allergy sufferers
These can be shaped to fit over your arms and standard shapes for seats or we can use a paper template to make your perfect fit cushions
eco frien
dly & allergy free
Fibre cushions give your sofa or chair a softer feeling than feather or foam but are cheaper than feathers

For Seat Cushions we use Rolled fibre which will require re plumping but worth the effect for the comfort
All our rolled fibre cushions are made with an FR corovin interior lining case as standard
Made from recycled Polyester strands and are anti allergy so ideal for allergy sufferers


Feather Filled Cushions give a luxury feel to your furniture and we use 100% real duck feathers in a cotton case

Which will give you a quality firmness and comfort and support

Easy to maintain with a simple shake and turn every few days.


Re Stuffing Service

We also offer a Re Stuffing service where we can take out your old fibre filling and re tease to make fluffy again and add some new fibre filling into the channels of your cushion interiors and make plump again


We can do this for all feather cushion interiors

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Feather Filled Seat and Back cushions for chairs and sofas
Fibre filled sofa cushions

We supply Seat & Back Cushions

Any Size & Shape Required

Bespoke sizes available

Bespoke Foam Cushions made to size for sofas
Chair foam Cushion replacement

about us

We have been involved in the upholstery world for over 60 years and have vast experience and advise to help you choose your perfect new cushion interiors

We also offer new cushion cases in 1000s of fabrics if required and reupholstery

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