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High Density Foam

Foam cushions that are supplied in shop bought furniture is generally a low density foam or latex that are a cheaper alternative and last 2-3 years and you will see loose of support or going misshaped so the best option is the luxury option for replacing those worn out saggy cushions 

We use qulaity high density reflex foam which

supports you as you sit and helps support your bone structure as you sit for long periods of time unlike standard latex and low density foams supplied in the majority of shop bought furniture this gives way under your body weight and puts pressure on your spine and hips and can give you back ache and more.

Our High Density Foam is available in a grey foam - medium to firm comfort level and a pink foam - softer comfort but will still support and help you get out your sofa or chair easier and will last longer than standard foams.





Fibre or Feather Filled Cushion come as a comfy plumped up style cushion the fibre filled is standard in most Sofas and Chairs and can collapse very quickly if used everyday over a shorter space of time and are hard work to bash and plump back to shape.

Polyester fibre is great for allergy sufferers and can be refilled by us when required.

Feathers are a luxury option but again require re plumping everyday to look good again.

These cushions are comfy at first for so long until the feathers flatten and become limp and flat especially around the middle and seat front edge.

Re plumping these cushions only lasts for so long untill they require new fibre or feather filling to make them like new again.

New sofa fibre filled cushion interiors
Wingchair replacement seat cushion foam
Cuddler Chair replacement foam seat cushions



We have been involved in the upholstery world for over 60 years and have vast experience and advise to help you choose your perfect new cushion interiors.

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